Values – what’s behind Sharebee

Bees that share

To believe in a brand means to believe in the people who work for it. We are responsible, honest, and independent.

Sharebee Stories

Our bees are scattered all over the world – we pollinate your success from Poland, Spain, Greece, Portugal or Norway. But when we meet, oh, it happens!

The brand tells a story, but its people write the best dialogues.

A Sharebee tradition is the company trip to Open’er. We close up the company Hive, choose a spot by the beach, dance at concerts, catch the summer vibe, and simply goof around.

We are fans of good cinema. We share this passion with our clients. We regularly organize exclusive premiere screenings for our clients, partners, and friends.

Positively surprised Karol in his natural environment. Our Bees regularly write articles published in specialist and business press.

Proud Marcin with Sharebee’s distinction. Our platform made it to the final of the Digital Fundraising Competition organized by Unicef and their Goodwill Ambassadors program. 

We are the creators of LinkedIn Local Poland, the largest community in Poland, which regularly meets in several cities. During the pandemic, we moved the meetings online. Each of the #LinkedInLocalVirtual editions is signed up by about 3000 people.

Sharebee’s office is located at the Targowa Creativity Centre in Warsaw’s Praga district. We have our own recording studio there, where we create webinars, podcasts, broadcasts, and other secret projects 😎.

Bartek is preparing to record the next episodes of the “One-Minute Linkedin” series. Adrenaline is running high, the prompter can’t keep up, and the crew is trying to make Bartek laugh behind the camera 😂.

We are a partner of the #SayHelloToDiversity campaign. Our marketer Ania tells her story on billboards throughout Poland, promoting this initiative. You can find the details of the campaign at

We manage the LinkedIn Poland group on FB, where you can get advice and answers to LinkedIn-related questions from independent experts the fastest.

Everyone looks good in a yellow hoodie, even puppies😁.

The day should start with a cup of coffee. Or maybe two. Without it, don’t even dream about good content.

Sharebee Hive is a friendly and diverse place

The team mixes all generations, which doesn’t stop us from joking together. We have on board, among others, #TeamDog, #TeamCat, #TeamSouth (the strongest 😁), #TeamThermomix, #TeamAudi, #TeamPuns.

Sharebee rules. We create an environment that is based on people.

We have developed rules that everyone joining Sharebee gets to know. Marcin, our CEO, discusses them at one of the first meetings with new bees.

We follow them towards each other and towards our clients. This way, we feel comfortable at work, respect each other, and maintain a partnership relationship with our clients.

We always deliver what we promise.
We say it as it is, we don’t sweep problems under the carpet.
We respond very quickly to questions, problems, requests.
When we screw up, we apologize. We compensate and take the blame.
We don’t undertake topics we can’t “deliver”.
Not everyone MUST be our client.
We are fair and expect to be treated fairly in return.

Bees that share?

We prepare a lot of substantive content that we share with our community. We collaborate with the best experts in the industry. We prepare guides, e-books, webinars, and case studies.

In our knowledge base, there is a lot of good content from Bees waiting for you. Take a look and find something for yourself.

Greetings from the hive!