Boss Branding

A visible leader enhances the credibility of their brand.
It’s more important now than ever before for executives to engage in corporate communication. We show leaders the benefits of social media activity.

Why should CEOs be present on LinkedIn?


Marcin Sokołowski, CEO, Sharebee

Leaders are more often criticised for a lack of communication than an excess of it. Those who do not take the opportunity to speak out on important issues are perceived to not care.

Research shows that younger generations prefer to work for organisations whose leaders are authorities and their voices are heard, especially on social media.


Piotr Żeromski, CEO, Mindboxgroup

Sharebee turned out to be a revolution that transformed Mindbox from almost non-existent to one of the industry’s most visible social media companies.


Jarosław Kowalski, Deputy Director, Aluprof

Thanks to Sharebee, I have met many people who are willing to share their knowledge and experience and are my inspiration in building communication through LinkedIn.

Sharebee has been extremely supportive and helpful in publishing and monitoring the reach of our content.


Bartek Ziemiański, Head of Social Selling programs, Sharebee

According to my experience, a dedicated management team works wonders for launching Social Selling or Employee Advocacy programmes. 

‘Lead by example’ rings true here. If you want your employees to be active on social media, build an expert brand, and talk about their company, it’s worth starting yourself.

Discover the benefits of Boss Branding


Attracting talent

Marcin Sokołowski

Candidates want to know who they’ll be working with, what the atmosphere is like at the company, what to expect.

Thanks to your managers being active on social media, you can attract the right people to your company.


Influence on our environment

Karol Stróż

We trust people more than brands. It’s a fact. That’s why it is so important to demonstrate authentic communication and engage in conversations with your audience.

Bosses’ personal profiles generate significantly greater reach than company profiles – even those supported by marketing budgets.


Employer Branding

Paulina Sacha

Your company equals the people in it – we’ve known this for years.

It’s worth ensuring that these are not just empty slogans but also tangible actions. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to showcase your executives responsible for the organisation’s success.


Brand building

Bartek Ziemiański

The position of CEO, boss, or leader carries weight. 

It requires not only considerable industry knowledge, but also acting according to certain values. Using your reach wisely brings huge benefits – both personal and corporate.

Company leaders who remain silent on social media, miss their opportunity to communicate with the business environment.

CEO on social media – statistics

of Millennials prefer to apply to a company whose boss is active on social media.
60 000
CEOs are on the Polish LinkedIn – as shown by 2023 data.
of people search for opinions about their potential employer on the Internet.

What does collaborating with Sharebee look like?

We know that marketing and HR departments often struggle to persuade leaders to be active on LinkedIn. We know how to convince them.


Initial meetng

We will discuss your Boss Branding needs and the goal you want to achieve.


Transparent valuation

You will receive an offer in accordance with your expectations and capabilities. It includes team activities and individual support.


Contract and formalities

You fill out the brief, we agree on the scope of cooperation and sign the contract.


Content creation

We work together to develop action and communication strategies. We prepare a content library and graphics package.


“Leader on LinkedIn” workshop

We discuss various strategies for building a personal brand and demonstrate the goals that can be achieved by influencing the organisation’s external environment as well as its internal aspects.

Let’s talk about Boss Branding in your company