LinkedIn Workshops

We are practitioners. We don’t just conduct trainings, but workshops, which have been rated by participants at 9.2 out of 10. We conduct about 100 closed workshops annually, whilst paying close attention to their quality, content and participant engagement.

What do customers say about our workshops?


Kamila Łopińska, CSHARK

Sharebee shared valuable tips with us on how to use LinkedIn. We noticed results in real-time, even during the training. 

Most importantly, they provided uncommon and highly professional post-training support. We still receive support from Sharebee and we know we can count on them.


Anna Chimkowska, EY

Marcin and Bartek received much praise after the first day of training, even when faced with demanding recipients. 

I was most impressed by their amazing knowledge about LinkedIn, a lot of practical examples, the workshop style, helping people who may have missed a step, but also a great willingness to share their knowledge.


Michał Kozaczyński, Baker McKenzie

I had the pleasure of working with Sharebee during their LinkedIn workshop, which was organised for the lawyers at Baker McKenzie.

Marcin Sokołowski and Bartek Ziemiański led them in a professional way, showing full commitment, demonstrating extensive subject knowledge and a practical approach to the use of LinkedIn in building a personal brand as well as social selling.


Daniel Szczęśniewski, Atman

Thank you for your excellent work in conveying the nuances of social selling to the Atman team.

It’s not only about knowledge proficiency, but also providing good examples and weaving in context-specific slogans, situations, and problems. Those present not only in our industry, but also the real experience of our team and the challenges our team has encountered. Congratulations on your intuition. Well done!

See how we run our LinkedIn workshops


Practical examples

At Sharebee, we don’t believe in the saying ‘those who can’t do, teach”.

Our entire team is active on social media, testing solutions, sharing knowledge, responding to comments. All this to conduct workshops based on real cases, not just wisdom taken from LinkedIn influencers.


Building habits

We know what obstacles (mental and organizational) must be overcome in order to become active on LinkedIn. 

We disarm common concerns, make employees feel comfortable on social media and understand the mechanics of it. We provide them with ready-made algorithms, we provide tools, we build habits so they can act regularly and effectively.


Immediate effects

Our work begins long before the workshop. 

We conduct a survey to assess the level of proficiency and expectations of our participants. We collect materials, prepare graphics, edit text. As a result, workshop participants are 100% engaged and continuously check and fulfill their set tasks.


We keep buzzing

We conduct more than 100 closed workshops a year. 

We train clients from many industries and countries. We organise the #LinkedinLocalVirtual – the largest online LinkedIn community conference in Poland, where participants ask thousands of questions, while our experts verify, test and respond.




Teamwork makes the dream work

The Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programmes are team efforts. We train our ambassadors – both at the basic and advanced level. 

We present the best practices, but also what not to do on social media. We show you how to write content, engage, consciously build a network of contacts. We provide training on tools as well, such as The Sales Navigator amongst others.

LinkedIn is a platform where you can find not only a job, but also a mentor, investor, or business partner. It all depends on your approach.

Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn

Why it’s worth posting on LinkedIn

1 billion
interactions per month take place on the platform
930 million
members in more than 200 countries
61 million
people using LinkedIn to search for jobs each week

What training can you do with Sharebee?

Almost anything to do with LinkedIn. We train your employees, managers, HR, marketers, and salespeople. We also have dedicated training programmes for leaders, C-level managers, as well as corporate social media managers.


Employee Advocacy

Comprehensive, 3-module workshops for your ambassadors to seamlessly enter the world of social media.


Social Selling

Social Selling workshops teach you how to find, reach out to, and build relationships with existing and potential customers on social media.


Boss Branding

The Leader on LinkedIn workshop presents various strategies for building a personal brand and demonstrates the goals that can be achieved by influencing the organisation’s external environment as well as its internal aspects.


Content – how to speak to be heard

Introduction, main body, conclusion. That’s what they teach us at school. The format of social media information should be different if we want our message to reach our target audience. How exactly? That’s what we teach during our workshops.


Linkedin Sales Navigator

A workshop demonstrating Social Selling with the use of the native Linkedin prospecting tool. We provide licenses, train using the tool, present processes, KPIs and the best practices.



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