Employee Advocacy

The most authentic brands speak through the mouths of their people.

What is Employee Advocacy?

Employee Advocacy is a way for brands to authentically communicate with their surroundings: clients, potential employees, partners.

This approach involves engaging employees, who become the company’s ambassadors. They become influencers in the positive sense of the word, because they understand the values of the brand, know its products and trends in any given category.

They are not just advertising props, but real experts in their fields. Depending on who we engage and what content we want to convey, we can reach various audiences and achieve different goals.


Benefits of Employee Advocacy

People prefer talking to people rather than brands, and each one of us, from salesperson to CEO, has tens, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts on our social media platforms.

Such communication is simply more authentic and has a greater impact than blogs, corporate websites, or online advertisements. In addition, social media platforms promote content published on personal profiles more than corporate ones. This means that by operating in this model, we can generate above-average reach and get through to our target group on an unprecedented scale.


How to implement Employee Advocacy at your company?

Employer Advocacy and Employer Branding are more of a marathon than a sprint.

Achieving the best results requires securing the resources needed for the project to start off strong, engaging people and implementing checkpoints. How to recruit the best ambassadors?

How to encourage your people to post, how to measure results, how to set KPIs for a project? We know how. We just want to know your “why” and then we can begin.


How to measure the results of an Employee Advocacy programme?

Sharebee to the rescue! Which content is most likely to be posted and which generates the highest engagement?

Which employees are active, and which are effective? Sharebee provides all this and more – it serves as the center for managing Employee Advocacy programmes.

How to implement Employee Advocacy at your company

Setting goals and determining the number of ambassadors, communicating with your employees, recruiting for the programme, conducting surveys, workshops and animations are some of the elements that should be taken into account when implementing the EA program at your company.

These elements are arranged into a roadmap and assigned deadlines. Don’t worry, we will support you at every stage to make it the best programme your company has ever had 😎.

We have prepared an eBook that will answer your most burning questions and help you prepare for implementation.

I want to talk about the Employee Advocacy programme at my company. Will you get in touch with me?

Boss Branding – manager’s presence in social media

The CEO and executives openly communicating on social media results in very specific benefits for the company in terms of business and corporate image. 

For conscious leaders and organisations, Boss Branding is a symptom of pragmatism and planned strategy, not a matter of age, leisure time or personal preferences. 69 % of potential employees expect their supervisors to be present on social media.

We will train your managers to understand “why”, but also “what” and “how”. We will help them feel comfortable on social media.

Boss branding

89% of people trust word of mouth recommendations more than advertisements themselves.

Source: Under the Influence: Consumer Trust In Advertising

Why do we need Employee Advocacy – what goals can we achieve?

Objectives of the programme may vary depending on what your organisation wants to focus on.

By engaging different people and generating different content, we can simultaneously address different groups of recipients. Coffee doesn’t rule out tea, right?


Employer Branding 

You can present your company as a place where people actually want to work.

For instance, an engineer’s post reaching their friends on social media will be significantly more convincing to them than a corporate campaign talking about how cool your company is.


Brand awareness

You can increase brand recognition among your target group, because the combined reach of your ambassadors’ posts provides incredible scale.

Instead of making more noise in corporate communication, you turn on numerous smaller speakers that quickly reach a wide range of audiences.


Social Selling

If your products are available online, your customers are online, shouldn’t your salespeople be online too? By engaging people responsible for business development, you build their personal brands.

Your salespeople begin to be perceived as experts in their fields. By inviting current and potential customers to connect with them, they open up a new channel for generating high-quality leads.


Investor relations

You can effectively build your company’s value in the eyes of potential investors.

When you openly communicate about the growth of your business, what technology it uses, what customers it acquires, especially on LinkedIn, you create opportunities to reach potential investors, VC funds and angel investors.




Thought Leadership

Do you want your company to dictate the narrative in a specific area or industry?

Do you want your managers to become industry voices, setting directions and asking the questions you want to pose?

Does it work? What are the real benefits?

On their personal profiles, employees share stories about projects, development and the company itself. This is more credible and much better for the company’s image than when it just calls itself cool…

Source: www.socialmediatoday.com

Posts made on personal pages can reach up to an 8 times greater audience than those made on a company page.

What does collaborating with Sharebee look like?

We support you through every stage – from creating strategies to selecting ambassadors, creating content and measuring results.


Initial meeting

We talk about your needs and assumptions for the Employee Advocacy programme, and how Sharebee can support these goals.


Transparent valuation

You will receive an offer in line with your expectations and possibilities.


Contract and formalities

You fill out a brief, we agree on the scope of collaboration and sign a contract. 


Roadmap for Employee Advocacy programme

We establish specific stages, deadlines, and responsibilities on both sides. 


We launch the Sharebee platform

We draw up a content library, train your employees, conduct tests, and set goals.

Pass your people the microphone and give your brand a human voice.

The numbers speak for themselves: 2.5+ million total post reach, 13k likes, 1.5k comments generated by our employees during the Sharebee pilot.
Alexander Tokarev, Innovation Partnership Team Leader, Bank Pekao S.A.
We greatly appreciate the joint and partnership cooperation on every aspect of the Employee Advocacy program. From the content we receive from Sharebee copywriters, through animations and ideas for the program, to interactive workshops.
Martyna Skalska, Employer Branding Lead, Philip Morris International
Thanks to the activity of our employees on LinkedIn through Sharebee, we have acquired 77 candidates for key vacancies within six months.
Weronika Drzewińska, EB & Communications Manager, Tidio
Sharebee turned out to be a revolution, that moved Mindbox from almost non-existence to one of the most visible companies in the industry on social media.
Piotr Żeromski, CEO, Mindboxgroup

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