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Sharebee is your command center for Employee Advocacy.
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What do our customers say about Sharebee?


Anna Marciniak, Mastercard

Sharebee is an excellent tool for effective B2B communication for your brand and strengthening the expert profile for employees. It is very easy to use, intuitive and – most importantly – constantly evolving. 

The Sharebee team, on the other hand, consists of competent, creative and simply cool people, with whom it is a pleasure to work.


Grzegorz Piwowar, Advantech

The Sharebee platform has become an indispensable tool for our daily communication with the market. Thanks to it, the entire sales team has up-to-date access to the latest marketing content.

We have quick access to statistics and results – which in turn allows for various types of analysis, from Social Selling to post reach and engagement.


Martyna Skalska, Philip Morris International

Using the platform makes life easier for everyone in the company. Project teams, communication departments, marketing departments and the programme participants themselves, can have all the important content and data on employee effectiveness in one place.

The platform develops together with our customers and the company itself. And the Sharebee team clearly has love and passion for what they do!


Joanna Waszak, E.ON Polska

Sharebee allows us to effectively distribute content on social media. All our content has been categorised and collected in one place.

We can see which content is most interesting to our target group and which employees are the best influencers.

Find out what the Sharebee platform gives you


Content Library

Your ambassadors get access to a database of current, “safe”, categorised content. They can customize them, based on personal style, add graphics and schedule posts for the future, or immediately publish a post on their profile directly through Sharebee.

Your ambassador can also use the post creating software and prepare the post themselves, just like on social media.


Advanced analytics

A bird’s-eye view of your company’s entire programme. You can see the reach generated by the entire company, specific departments, or individual users over time.

Fully interactive data sets provide detailed insights, showing which content performs best, which ambassadors are most active, and which are most effective.



The gamification algorithm tracks points and automatically creates rankings depending on the activity and effectiveness of your ambassadors.

This strengthens engagement and allows you to objectively reward the best ambassadors, which has a very positive impact on the results of the programme.


Mobile app

Use Sharebee with ease on your mobile devices. The programme’s logo will appear on your ambassadors’ smartphones, allowing them to publish new content on the go.


AI helps with writing

We have integrated Sharebee with ChatGPT. If you’re not feeling inspired or are struggling to find the right words, you can ask artificial intelligence for some help.

mAIa, Sharebees’s AI bee, can generate drafts on any given topic, summarise articles, or propose several alternative versions of your post in the style of your choice.

Thanks to the Sharebee platform, your employees’ content reaches your target audience on an unprecedented scale.

Platform Statistics

16 countries
where companies are using Sharebee.
active users, creating and posting valuable content.
posts going live each month – including texts, graphics and videos.

What does collaborating with Sharebee look like?

We’re with you at every stage – from creating strategies to selecting ambassadors, creating content, and measuring results.


Platform demo.

We will show you how the mechanics work and answer all your questions.


Transparent valuation.

You will get an offer in line with your expectations and capabilities.


Contract and formalitiesYou fill out a brief, we agree on the scope of cooperation and sign a contract.


Implementation roadmap

We establish specific stages, deadlines and responsibilities on both sides.


We launch the platform

We prepare a content library, train your employees, conduct tests and set goals.

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