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We don’t just leave our customers with some good advice and generalities, we work hand in hand with them
Thanks to the activity of our employees on LinkedIn through Sharebee, we have acquired 77 candidates for key vacancies within six months.
Weronika Drzewińska
EB & Communications Manager, Tidio
Thanks to the Sharebee platform, salespeople generate large, and more importantly quality reach, delivering our content directly to current and potential customers.
Tomasz Dreslerski
Executive B2B Sales Director, Orange Polska
If a salesperson and a marketer want to bee effective, they must have the right tools. The Sharebee platform supports this goal, as it allows monitoring the effects of activities on LinkedIn.
Joanna Waszak
Marketing Communications Manager, E.ON Polska S.A.

Platform, content, a workshop for your team or the entire programme? Our offer is like a puzzle

– you decide which piece to reach for

Sharebee platform

Sharebee is a platform that engages with people and allows you to have control. Publications, content, reach, gamification, effects.
All in one place.


Employee Advocacy

If you want your brand to sound authentic, let it speak through real people. By engaging your employees in communication, you give your brand a microphone. With Sharebee, you can turn your employees into conscious ambassadors of your brand.


Social Selling

If your customers are online, your products are online, shouldn’t your salespeople also be online? People responsible for business development can reach potential customers on a large scale through social media. We know how to do this systematically from A to Z.


Creating content

We know what to write so that people want to listen to and engage with your content. We believe that authentic brands speak with one voice, but through many mouths. That’s why your ambassadors need our expert support in preparing content.


LinkedIn Workshops

We are practitioners. We don’t just conduct trainings, but workshops, which have been rated by participants at 9.2 out of 10. We conduct about 100 closed workshops annually, whilst paying close attention to their quality, content and participant engagement.


Boss Branding

A visible leader in an organisation adds credibility to the brand they work for. It’s more important today than ever before, for executives to engage in corporate communication. We effectively engage company leaders so that they have a positive impact on the organisation’s environment: clients, partners, candidates and employees.


Our clients’ results speak for themselves

That’s how we work towards the famous #SharebeeEffect

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