Sharebee platform terms & conditions

Sharebee sp. z o.o., the owner of the Sharebee platform, makes every effort to protect the privacy of people using its services.


The terms used in this document mean:

“Regulations” – this document specifying the conditions for using the services provided by Sharebee sp. z o.o. electronically.

“Company” – means Sharebee sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Warsaw at ul. Literacka 13/2, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw Warsaw, 13th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000733366, NIP 1182174490.

“Main User” – means a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality that employs users under an employment contract or other civil law contract.

“User” – means a natural person who is over 18 years of age and has full legal capacity, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality that uses the services provided by the Company under these Regulations.

“Services” – means the services provided by the Company consisting in maintaining the User’s account, under which the system enabling the use of the Sharebee platform is made available

“Platform” – means the electronic platform on which the account is set up.

“Account” – an electronic document assigned to the User, created as a result of completing the registration form, which enables the use of the Services provided by Sharebee to the User.

“Registration” – the process of setting up an Account on the Platform;

“Login” – an individual and unique e-mail address which is a unique identifier of the User on the Platform;

“Password” – a string of at least 8 characters specified by the User and assigned to the User.


The owner of the Platform is Sharebee sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland.

The Company provides these Terms and Conditions in PDF format, which enables its saving on a durable medium on a device by persons using the services provided on the Platform.

The object of the Platform’s activity is the provision of the following services:
a) providing Users with tools enabling them to log in to social networking sites, i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and then sharing articles and links to external sites via social networks regarding products, services, events, technical and technological news and other information from the industry in which are employed, for a certain number of recipients, who have accounts on social networking sites;
b) maintaining a User Account;
c) providing Users with a User Account with the possibility of adding comments both in written and graphic form, which are individual opinions on shared articles,
d) providing Users with a preview of the search engine,
e) providing the Main Users with tools enabling the organization of competitions and the creation of ranking lists regarding articles shared by Users, on the terms set out in separate regulations and rules for creating ranking lists,
f) advertising by placing advertising banners and links redirecting to external websites and websites on the Platform.

By registering, the User concludes with the Company an agreement for the provision of electronic services, for an indefinite period, which may be terminated at any time on the terms set out in the Regulations.


The Platform is made available by Sharebee in the Polish language version, via the Internet and the Platform’s website, as a resource of the ICT and IT system.

The technical requirements for using the Services are as follows:

  • possession of devices that allow the use of Internet resources and connection to the Internet,
  • having an e-mail mailbox; and
  • having a web or mobile web browser that allows you to view websites (Internet Explorer 9, Chrome 30, Safari 7.0, Firefox 20, IOS 7, Android 4.2 and their newer versions).


The User may start using the Services only after reading and accepting the provisions of the Regulations, as well as after registering and obtaining access to the individual User Account.
Registration on the Platform and maintaining a User Account are free of charge.
The Company is not responsible for the consequences of the User’s disclosure of the Username and Password to the Account to third parties or improper protection of such data, allowing them to be obtained and used by third parties.
The Company reserves the right to refuse or discontinue the provision of Services if the User’s data indicated in the Registration Form are untrue or there is a risk that the data may be untrue or incomplete.
The User undertakes to comply with all provisions of the Regulations.

  • You agree to refrain from any action that may hinder, destabilize or prevent:
    use of the Services by other Users;
    operation of the Platform.
  • One User may create only one Account on the Platform.
  • The User’s use of the Account is free of charge.
  • The User may at any time terminate the contract for the provision of services for maintaining the Account with the Company by sending an appropriate statement.

A declaration of termination of the contract for the provision of electronic services with the Company, which is the maintenance of the User Account, should be sent electronically to the following e-mail address: It is important that the message containing the declaration of withdrawal from the contract is sent from the e-mail address provided by the User during Registration on the Platform. The Agreement is terminated when the Company receives an email containing the User’s statement referred to in the previous sentence.


In order to gain access to the Services provided by the Company, it is necessary to register in order to create a User Account.
In order to be able to create a User Account, the Main User provides the Company with the email addresses of persons who are to receive an invitation enabling them to set up a User Account. After sending invitations to the e-mail addresses provided to the Company, the person who received them clicks on the activation link, which redirects them to the Registration Form on the Platform.
In order to set up an Account, a person who intends to use the Services should register. For this purpose, after pressing the activation link and being redirected by the system to the Platform’s website, you must fill out the Registration Form with the personal data indicated in the Form and enter the code from the picture provided under the Form. In addition, it is necessary to define a password securing access to the Account, which should consist of at least 8 letters, digits and special characters, known only to the User. The user is obliged to provide complete, true data.
The next step of the Registration is to read and accept the Regulations.
After completing the Registration process, the User will receive a confirmation of Registration by e-mail. Upon confirmation of the Registration, an agreement for the provision of electronic services is concluded between the User and the Company.
Correctly carried out and completed Registration results in the creation of a User Account.
Access to the User Account is obtained after logging in to the Platform, i.e. after providing the User’s name, which is the e-mail address indicated during Registration and the password to the User Account.
The Company has the right to deactivate or delete the User’s Account without prior notice if the User uses it in a manner inconsistent with the law or the Regulations.
The User may at any time delete the Account and terminate the contract for the provision of electronic services on the terms described in Section IV points 9-10 of these Regulations.


After creating a User Account on the Platform, the User activates his account on social networking sites through the User’s profile.
Activating the User’s account on social networks requires the following steps:
Choosing the right social platform
Clicks on the logo of the selected platform
Go to the authorization page of the selected platform
Authorize your account from the selected social platform and grant permissions to Sharebee.
Activating an account on social networks enables the User to use all the functionalities of the Platform.
The User may publish, share on his account on social networks articles and links to external websites regarding products, services, events, technical and technological news and other information from the industry in which the User is employed to third parties who are in the circle of the User’s friends.


The User is entitled to file a complaint if the Services are not provided by the Company in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.

The complaint should be submitted:

  • in electronic form and sent to the following e-mail address:;
  • using the Complaint Form.

The complaint should contain: a description of the problem that is the basis for the complaint and the User’s designation (name, email address).
The complaint may be submitted by the User within 30 days from the moment of revealing the reasons for the complaint.
The company considers the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt in the correct form.
The response to the complaint is sent by the Company to the e-mail address indicated by the User in the Registration Form.
Complaints regarding the functioning of social networking sites should be reported directly to the operators and owners of these sites. The company does not deal with the consideration or transfer of such complaints for consideration.


Detailed rules for the protection and processing of Users’ personal data are contained in the Privacy Policy, which is an integral part of these Regulations.


The Company is responsible for the proper functioning of the Platform.
The Company is not liable to the User and third parties for their losses and lost profits (for their loss of income or revenue, as well as their loss of actual or anticipated profits); hindering or losing their ability to conduct business related to the functioning of the Platform.
The User who causes a technical disruption of the functioning of the Platform or the systems transmitting it to Users, will be responsible for his actions and will cover all costs and expenses (including legal fees) related to the removal of the disruption caused.
It is not allowed for Users to send and publish information that violates the rights of third parties, inconsistent with applicable law, as well as information that may be considered offensive by the Company or any third parties. This means that the information:

  • may not contain threats, offensive, abusive or hateful content,
  • cannot be racist, homophobic, pornographic, violating the law, containing elements of violence, misleading,
    must not be abhorrent, indecent, obscene, menacing, blasphemous, or defamatory or defamatory to any person or entity, and when they are inconsistent with a court decision,
  • violate the trust or rights of another person or entity, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, personal rights, rights to image, privacy or any other rights of third parties.

The Company has the right to remove any information provided and published by the User that violates applicable law and these Regulations.
It is forbidden for the User to provide illegal content. If the Company receives an official notification or reliable information about the unlawful nature of the stored data provided by the User, the Company may prevent the User from accessing the Account or deactivate the Account on the terms set out in the Regulations. In the event of obtaining reliable information about the unlawful nature of the data, the Company will notify the User via e-mail (to the e-mail address provided in the Registration Form) about the intention to prevent access or deactivate the Account.
On the Platform, it will be possible to access other websites via hyperlinks.
The Company has no influence on the content of third-party websites and does not take any responsibility for them.
If the Company receives information about illegal or unethical content, the relevant hyperlink will be removed from the Platform.


The content of the Platform and the domain name are protected by law.
All intangible rights, intellectual property material (including copyrights, patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain names, social media identifiers, registered and unregistered designs), website information and content, website design, text , graphics, software, photos, videos, music, sounds, data, software compilations, source code and software (including applets and scripts), as well as their selection, coordination, arrangement and corrections, as well as technical solutions are the property of the Company or entity third party who has entered into an appropriate agreement with the Company and may not be used by Users in any way without prior consent of the Company.
Materials and information placed on the Platform may not be copied or used in whole or in part without the prior consent of the Company.
No logos or other signs, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, animations, sounds, videos and their compositions on the website, as well as folders, catalogues, presentations and any other advertising materials and documents on the Platform may be copied, sent, processed and modified for commercial purposes, or made available to third parties without the prior consent of the Company.
Carrying out modifications, creating derivative elements or translating the materials posted on the Platform, as well as the Platform itself, is not possible without the prior consent of the Company.
The Platform may contain photographs or other materials that are copyrighted by third parties.


These Regulations are valid from 01/09/2018.
The User’s registration data cannot be transferred to another User.
The Company is entitled to conclude agreements with third parties in order to fulfill its obligations under the Regulations.
In the event that any of the terms of this Agreement turn out to be incorrect, this shall not affect either the remaining terms or the entire content of the Regulations. The invalid condition will be replaced with a valid one if possible according to the intentions of the original record.
The Company may amend these Regulations. Information about changes will be published on the Platform at least 7 days before their entry into force. At the same time, such information will be sent (within the above deadline) to the User’s e-mail address provided when completing the Registration Form. A User who does not agree to amend the Regulations should immediately submit a statement and send it to the email address
The applicable law is Polish law.
The court competent to consider any disputes will be the common court.
Users who are consumers have the option of using the out-of-court method of dealing with complaints and pursuing claims before the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court at the Provincial Inspector of the Trade Inspection in Warsaw. Information on how to access the above. the mode and procedures for settling disputes, can be found at the following address:, in the “Settlement of consumer disputes” tab. Users who are consumers also have the option of using the EU ODR online platform, available at the following address: